A company history and products development of lg electronics

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LG Corp SuccessStory

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As a reference, Samsung was able to quickly develop a personal television and electronics division that amazing niches of the spiced market and even had an introduction in some export dancers. LG Electronics is an innovative company, designing and selling products, reinforcing the fact that "Life's Good." LG Electronics offers its employees opportunities to work on exciting and innovative products that influence the lives of people worldwide.

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The Philips Company was founded inby Gerard Philips and his father Frederik Philips. Frederik, a banker based in Zaltbommel, financed the purchase and setup of an empty factory building in Eindhoven, where the company started the production of carbon-filament lamps and other electro-technical products in This first factory has been adapted and is used as a museum.

LG Electronics is committed to "winning by the rules". We regard sound and transparent management practices as the foundation to achieving individual success and global competitiveness. Development Process.

LG Corporation

The LG Hausys R&D Center operates five labs in five different areas: Corporate Research and Development, Windows, Eco-friendly Materials. LG Corporation is a holding company that operates worldwide through more than 30 companies in the electronics, chemical, and telecom fields. Its electronics subsidiaries manufacture and sell products ranging from electronic and digital home appliances to televisions and mobile telephones, from thin-film transistor liquid-crystal displays to.

A company history and products development of lg electronics
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LG Hausys - Research & Development