Cost behavior and allocation

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Cost Structure

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Cost allocation (also called cost assignment) is the process of finding cost of different cost objects such as a project, a department, a branch, a customer, etc.

It involves identifying the cost object, identifying and accumulating the costs that are incurred and assigning them to. The goal of whichever cost allocation method you use is to either spread the cost in the fairest way possible, or to do so in a way that impacts the behavior patterns of the cost objects.

Thus, an allocation method based on headcount might drive department managers to reduce their headcount or to outsource functions to third parties. Cost behavior refers to the way different types of production costs change when there is a change in level of production activity.

There are three types of costs by behavior: Fixed, Variable and Mixed.

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A cost object is an activity, a unit of product or service, a customer, another cost pool, or a segment of an organization for which management needs a separate measurement and accumulation of costs. Costs assigned to a cost object are either direct or indirect.

Cost allocation

allowable cost item, the acceptable cost-allocation bases and how differences between budgeted and actual costs are to be handled. 94 Cost estimation - Cost behavior - Cost estimation - Cost behavior What we really want to understand is how spending will vary in a variety of decision settings.

A Reward Allocation Decision You are in charge of allocating a $10, bonus to a team that has recently met an important deadline.

Facility Cost Allocation (FCA) Drives Behavior

The team was in charge of designing a web-based product for a client. The project lasted a.

Cost behavior and allocation
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