Nomination of examiners and thesis submission form mcgill

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Initial Thesis Submission

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Thesis Submission Procedures

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Thesis Examiners

That scholarship was made possible by the person from R. Abercrombie Scholarship The Ken and Dr. Goal of the thesis submission form The goal of the thesis submission form is twofold: • First to certify that you, as the student’s supervisor, approve the contents of the student’s thesis, and • Second, to identify internal and external examiners for the thesis.

Deadline to submit doctoral theses with Nomination of Examiners forms to GPSO (Thesis Office) for students expecting to convocate in Spring Meeting this deadline does not guarantee a Spring graduation. Complete the Nomination of Examiners Form (located at the bottom of the Forms page).


Send us an email ([email protected]) with the full copy of the electronic thesis attached and the Nomination of Examiners form duly completed and signed by you and your supervisor(s).

3) Submission of thesis and university/department submission forms. Both M. Sc. and Ph.D. students submit their initial thesis electronically together with the completed “Nomination of Examiners and Thesis Submission Form” to the Thesis Office as well as to the Biology department coordinator.

Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin The goal of the thesis submission form is twofold: • First to certify that you, as the student’s supervisor, approve the contents of the student’s thesis, and • Second, to identify internal and external examiners for the thesis.

Nomination of examiners and thesis submission form mcgill
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