Recycling electronics

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Computer and Electronics Recycling Made Easy

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Aug 29,  · Here's how e-waste gets recycled. Whole computers, televisions and printers in one end and shredded and sorted bits of metal, plastic and circuit board out the other and it is pretty cool to watch.

Alternative Electronics Recycling Outlets. Best Buy Vestal Parkway East, Vestal, NY For full program details visit Best Buy e-recycling program website Check with store for more info &. Electronics Waste (E-waste) Recycling Opportunities In California, it is illegal to dispose of electronic devices (computers, monitors, televisions and other electronic devices) in the regular garbage or recycling containers.

The Evolving Need For Certified Electronics Recycling. Certified electronics recycling is a solution that has evolved in response to an unexpected problem, as consumers and companies alike wonder what to do with e waste.

The SWALCO Residential Electronics Recycling Program supports four collection locations within Lake County. Theses collection locations operate free of charge and are open to Lake County residents only. All collection locations will remain open throughout the program year.

THERE IS A LIMIT OF UP TO TEN ELECTRONIC ITEMS PER VISIT. At Pittsburgh Electronics Recycling we offer Recycling of all computers, and electronics absolutely free of charge, and in most cases will pick them up at your location.

Recycle it Right

Call or fill out our contact form to set up an appointment for us to come and pick up your unwanted computers, and is no amount of electronics to big, or small we offer our services to the public as well as.

Recycling electronics
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